I had a special request for a repeat customer to design a cool bride of Frankenstein costume.  For being such a well known lady, she had a very short appearance in the movie…something like 28 seconds?  Her costume was not so special either, so this was a fun project for me being given creative design.  The original was long and boxy and just drapy fabric with wrapped sleeves.  Her hair is what really makes the outfit, so I wanted to make something that would stand out a bit more than just a white dress…I started with a sketch, got approval, and started to play around.  I knew a corset would spice it up, so decided to use just a sweetheart cut and make it out of burlap with unfinished edges.  Hand stitched faux stitches added to the “sewn together” look.  Under this goes a simple tank dress with layers of vintage sheer cottons and gauzes with a shorter hemline and varying lengths.  The sleeves are sheer white with cream ribbon wrapped and sewn.  These will have elastic at the top.  Hopefully, I will get a photo of the customer in full costume, but here are the shots.