This production was done in 2008 at the Georgia center in Athens.  My first costuming gig with Rose of Athens.  Shrew was set in the early 1950’s.   The director wanted the look of the transition from the late 40’s …before the teen trend of the poodle skirt look. 

My inspiration came from a Marlon Brando shot from the Wild One. 



Straiter skirts, cheery colors for Bianca, drab darks for Kate.  Petruchio and Grumio wore the chucks, jeans and leather jacket/vest.   Sweater vests, ascot ties, hats, and suspenders for the other characters.  The wedding dress for Kate was made from scratch…a really pretty suit with 3/4 sleeves and a headband veil.  The most fun of this production was piecing together crazy outfits for Petruchio and Grumio’s wedding gear.  The idea was multicultural, so there were kimonos, indian pants, a kilt, an animal covered hat, a chinese worker shirt, mismatched shoes and socks, a cowboy boot, um….was that it?