Here are the first shots from the photo shoot for the Lion Tamer costume!  The model was Emily from http://www.modelmayhem.com/584111 and the photographer was Anya at www.anyarice.com











The costume was only about half finished when we did the shoot, so I will be updating with more photos.  It started with a black basic corset in pinstripe with gold piping accent and a little 80’s vintage red cropped jacket with red and white detail.  I just put her in a little black slip skirt and leggings, a black leather necklace and tophat, and pinned a dangly gold necklace to the bottom of the corset.  I made a costume whip out of long strips of black fabric, a spatula handle and electrical tape!  It was super long and looked really great for the shots!  I suppose for the actual rental, I may cut these down so nobody gets hurt 🙂