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I believe this is gonna be one of my favorite creations this year!  I have a small collection of vintage lingere and laces and this is made with the most scrumptious peach silk and hand tatted lace.  I had made the corset using a thick white brocade lining for stability, then transformed it into this Marie Antoinette style costume.  I added accents of black satin, made a matching 3 tiered bustl-y skirt, tie on mask, neck ruffle and SPATS!  All with matching antique lace from the 20s/30s.  Each layer of the gathered ruffles on the skirt is bound in peach andpink binding, because if you flounce, it shows :).  I made a pattern for the spats and will try to upload that eventually.

starry_touchingstarryThis was actually copied from the starry night painting!  I made the bustier top and cut a large circle skirt for the bottom.  I painted the skirt before assembling and the top after assembling.   It is made of a light blue satin and painted with mostly fabric paints and puffy paints and some acrylic paints where I ran out ….It is painted front and back.  On the exact sides of the circle skirt, I attached rectangle panels that go upwards and comnplete more of the painting.   At the top of the rectangles, I attached brown gloves so that when you raise your arms, the whole painting is displayed!  I wore this for Halloween in 2008 and now it is for rental in our shop.  Everyone got the painting part, but the whole Idea was that I WAS a painting.  Brown tights and boots, paired with the brown gloves and a brown hat with a little picture hanger attached to it made the “frame” for the dress.  That went over most folks heads, so for the rental, its just the dress.

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