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Just received this photo below of my customer in her Sally Jupiter costume.  Some comments she received at the convention were:

 “You have the best costume I’ve seen all weekend!” , “You are the best Sally Jupiter I’ve ever seen!”, and “Seeing you as Sally Jupiter is like how Homer looks when he sees donuts!” (that last one is my favorite).   Love it.

MiaLa Sally Jupiter Watchmen costume


I made the new version in September of 2011…it is chiffon and leather with little details like lace linings that really make it special.  Under the sheer dress I paired a strapless, backless bra with vintage looking low cut high waist briefs with sewn on garters.   The long glove does come with it, it is just not shown in the photos.

I LOVE this costume/character.  I had no idea of the Watchmen until I got a request last year in the midst of my Halloween hullaballoo.   Then of course, once I get a second, I get to research a bit.

This one is not as simple as it looks! (like her character)

I looked around online  and saw several “ok” versions of this, but I want to do it right!

I have made a prototype using satin and cordura, but know that the georgette or chiffon will be more accurate and the leather will be more realistic once I get the pattern down.

I use my mannequin for draping.  There is no commercial pattern out there that will help you here.


Here is my prototype:

I cannot wait to make this now with the right materials.

What I need:

1 yard yellow sheer georgette or chiffon

1/2 yard black leather

1 spool black ribbon

grommets  and setter


undercorset (make or buy> ?) with  briefs and garters?

buy garters?

buy fishnets and boots and gloves

make wristlet

Follow the best long hair no bang 40s tutorial at:

2010 , wow!  This is updated as of 2016 on the new post! So many Padmes, so much Star Wars this year!


Padme Amidala Fireside Corset Costume

In 2010, I was asked by a returning customer to help her out with this Padme Amidala from Star Wars costume.  I have since then made several of them and it is one of my favorites!

I started with an eight panel mermaid tail pattern and overlapped my pattern pieces making it only a front and back with wide bottom.  I left the back seam open at the bottom and inserted a large square for the extra volume in the back.  I used a silver satin and black lace overlay, although through the supercool site SPOONFLOWER, I gave her the option of using the exact pattern replicated in cotton.  I took a swatch of the original skirt and worked it over in my art program.  They will make you a fabric of ANY photo you send them (awesome), but we decided the cotton would not look luxurious enough.

The gloves, I just patterned on myself freeform.

I use a faux matte leather for the corset and gloves.  The pattern for the corset is an 11 piece pattern with laces up the back for a perfect fit.  The original has a ZIPPER and if you are using this for submission for the Legion, it will need to have the Zip.

I found a few vintage beaded belts/scarves on ebay which I use to make the long neckpiece along with crushed velvet. Each one is unique depending on which finding I have.   The headbands were found at Michaels!

Padme Amidala black lace skirt back

Happy Customer in the Fireside Dress from MiaLa

Neckpiece close up


UPDATE 2013:  Here are some new pics of my Caprica Six Dress

I have now made many of these and am still constructing it the same way..custom..and by building out my mannequin to the customer specs!  These new pics are awesome.  Thanks to John Eaves for sharing his photo shoot!

Caprica six custom made costume



I had never seen Battlestar Galactica nor this Red Dress until I received a special request.  It is quite a show stopper!  Well…Six is…in it.  It was a challenge deciding how to create a dress with not much to it that would produce so much cleavage.  Until I find an easier way, these are custom patterned to fit each customer based on their best fitting push up strapless bra that they send me.  The bra is actually built into the dress and is the backbone that holds everything up and in place 🙂


I use a matte jersey with slight stretch and a bit of sheen.  This allows for a snug, but forgiving fit.  I depend on my two mannequins for all my patterning and the patterning actually takes about twice the time of the constructing!  Like the green fairy, there is lots of hand sewing involved and patience while working with stretch fabric.  I would like to try one in a thick lycra next….

Battlestar Galactica custom made costume from MiaLa

NEWleiaonme07-196x329I never knew how much of a following this costume actually had until I started doing some research on a  custom order for it about 5 years ago!   It is recreated from the unforgettable scene in Return of the Jedi when Jabba the Hut has Leia chained up as a slave.   It is definitely a daring costume…not sure if I will ever have the guts to wear this one myself, but many gals out there can pull it off.   I offer it in appx. sizes 2-8 through the link to the right.

My version of this recreation is hand sculpted to fit out of a flexible rubber clay and wire.  Each piece is detailed, carved, shaped, bent, and painted by hand, so no two bikinis are alike.   There are a few other versions of the bikini found online, but seem to be made of resin which does not have any give to it and are made from a cast, each one uniform.  By adding flexibility to the costume, I hoped (and succeeded) to add a bit more wearability to the getup. 

I WILL be doing a picture tutorial for this costume very soon.  It is really not as  hard as it seems and with a willing model, some artistic sculpting talent,  and LOTS of time.


headshotme-186x250 There are alot of  pieces involved in this costume!  2 side hair clips, a pony tail clasp, arm band, bracelet, choker with chain, bra top with accents, skirt plates, sidehooks, fabric panels and bra cups and shoes!  I do not at this time offer the matching boots, but a pair of ugg boots will suffice until I can perfect the boot toppers.

From my research, from the acutal movie, there were a few different versions.  There WAS an actual metal one, but it was only used for still shots.  The ones used for action were more wearable.  I use a tan suedeclotoh usually for the fabric in the bra cups, and a silky maroon fabric for the skirt panels.  The rest of the costume is the rubber clay sculpted around a wire base for stability.    I use a wonderful antique bronze colored paint to give it the metallic look.  As this costume takes me about two weeks working full time on it to a month of steady work, I am MORE than happy to pass on info on how you can make your own.  I can only handle so many orders of these!


newleiahalf-187x250 I could go on with research and pictures of this costume, but for now decided to just detail my version.  It has come through several redesigns to get it more screen accurate and might go through a few more, since each one is unique. 

All you ever wanted to know about this costume can be found at . 

Purchasing information can be found at

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