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The parade was pretty awesome to walk in this year… it is super fun to go as a recognizable character that the kids love. Many high fives and hugs going around ❤️

My one big panel choice had to be Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor. My favorite!

the girls both wanted to be Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. They had a blast doing the big group shoot and got featured on the scifi channel! I finally finished this Once Upon a Time costume of bandit Snow White. Not as much fun as I had hoped so this one got sold pretty soon after :/. and another costume I worked for a long time on and just didn’t really enjoy wearing. Katniss from Hunger Games (Catching Fire chariot dress.). It lit up like fire and fit well so I actually ended up wearing it to a Christmas party later that year 🙂 I skipped the bunny hutch this year because I had the kids with me on Thursday, but am looking forward to next year.

I  had been wanting to make one of these since initial photos of the movie came out.  I was following a wonderful blog which has great in depth accurate descriptions and tips on a real recreation!  Check it out:HERE

I spent way too much time researching and thought I would keep up with her progress, but it is now almost my busy Halloween season, so I decided just to whip up one in my daughter’s size and move on.  It turned out pretty good..a little big on her, but adjustable in the back via corset style lacing.  I used satin and organza and even added the striped petticoat underneath.  The pattern on the bottom is drawn on with fabric marker.

Here is a photo which shows the back laces of the bodice and the petticoat.

Custom made Wonder Woman costume

My first version of this was done in 2002.  It was pieced together from several different patterns and I must admit was not bad for a first try.  After 7 years now, my patterns have been perfected for most sizes, and the costume is finally as screen accurate as I insist on!  I base my costume on the CBS late 70’s version of the tv show and have had countless discussions with customers on the little details (like which side of the belt the lasso of truth attaches to).

I am a big fan of Wonder Woman and this is by far my favorite costume that I do (so far).   I use a high quality satin for the bustier and cape.  All of the accents and accessories are a nice gold leather.  The briefs, I choose to use premade stretchy ones for a great, smooth fit.  All of the stars are cut and sewn on by hand.  Each one of these costumes takes about two weeks of steady work to complete!   Based off of three generally sized patterns, I alter the general sized one for a custom fit for the customer.

For more information on this costume, please visit my website listed in my links to the right.

ww_wall-270x460 new_cape_2011-192x253

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