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I’m getting behind on posting here on the blog.. mostly trying to keep up on Instagram, but wanted to get here here before I lost the pics! This year was split 1/2 with my friend Robin, and 1/2 with my youngest. The teenager opted out of going this year:(

I brought old standby classic Wonder Woman, comfy Spider Gwen, my teenager’s Riverdale Veronica, as well as a few new exciting costumes! Lady Death Bunny was my super cool bunny hutch costume, the green Absinthe fairy, the sand snakes from Game of thrones for Robin and I, Margot Tennenbaum, AND …. Eleven from Stranger things and Mary Poppins for the 8 year old!

She did the Masquerade costume contest and although she didn’t win, was inspired to make her own costume for next year and do it again! We packed a lot in, and had more fun than ever this year.

Highlights were hanging with Wonder Woman Artist George Perez and the WW photo shoot, brushing shoulders (almost ) with Peter Capaldi (while waiting to enter his panel), and everyone loving my little Mary Poppins!

Getting the hotel room for Tuesday/chill out day was a bonus. It’s quite a hard transition back to real life after such a thing like dragoncon!

Here is the pretty amazing Bombshell Batwoman statue by Ant Lucia and Tim Miller. I do love this Character from the DC Comics Bombshells series.  This version is Kate Kane, a lesbian, baseball playing protector of the home front during World War 2 . Sorry to not have the photo credit for this collage, it was a huge help in making my design!


batgirl stat al views

A lot of this costume ended up having to be store bought.  The socks, gloves, and cleats were each around 7$, and the hat was 3$.  I shortened the gloves and added cording to the wrists.  I painted the cleats black and added red bat emblems on the back. The hat just needed some ears and vinyl emblem added.  I pieced together the dress and made the belt myself…I am lucky enough to own a silhouette vinyl cutting machine, so I printed out the bat for the font of the top and the team/number for the back onto heat transfer vinyl. Last step was to add red accent trim around the sleeves and collar.  Oh, and the bat!  We inherited an old wooden bat when we bought our house, so I regripped the handle then added the little end bat and Batwoman wordage to the side.  A little black makeup for the mask and a red wig, and it is done!!

I hope to get some field shots soon, but for now… here are some pics from SC Comic Con taken by my 11 year old.  This is going to be my comfy-est go-to costume for a while, I think!

batfull good


In an alternate universe, Gwen Stacy (the girlfriend of Peter Parker) becomes the ultimate Spidey Heroine!

good hanging gwen

Picture above is my first version.  It was a frankensteined/ ad-lib pattern and ended up being too restrictive to do much in although I loved the color of the pink accents, perfect blue puffy paint webbing, and huge hood 😦  Drafting and sewing spandex is definitely NOT my favorite thing, but since I loved this character I ended up purchasing a cheapish pre-made suit to play around in.

The new suit was worn to Ath-Con 2016 along with an old wig my daughter had used for Nine Tales a few years earlier.

Some paint on a pair of black flats was all that I really did to go with the new suit.


photo (1)

This suit, despite giving exact measurements, was super short on me… so they exchanged for one with longer legs that ended up way to long (easy fix.)  This was my first venture into spandex, so am still unsure which I hate more…patterning and sewing spandex or dealing with overseas sizing and issues.  (neither, please).  It was also a brownish maroon color for the accents, unusable (see through) mask, had an awefully small hood.

May 2016, for Free Comic Book Day and the Twilight bike race in downtown Athens, I got to hang out with a super Spidey.  He was awesome and was introduced to me by our mutual friend, Dan, who took some great pics.

***How the hell does Gwen keep her white spidey fingers clean?  We only climbed a few nasty Athens poles***

best duo henry crop.jpgjump henry cropduo window henry editpole henry editpose wire fence crop edit

Photos above are property of Dan Jackson,  thewebheadedhero. and Miala.  Please contact for redistribution credits.

Due to the extreme commitment and dedication  of my fellow spiderperson, and because even a superhero with bleach cannot clean stained white gloves, I am experimenting on this suit. I don’t think I am quite dedicated enough to spend hundreds on a new one (yet).  In the works is:

acrylic paint base to lighten up the brown accents, hot pink paint pen to stipple that to match the hood I originally made.  (that is huge and lovely and will replace the crappy one)

turquoise puffy paint webbing

homemade lenses and maybe a modded faceshell to try to make the mask work

and maybe ..just maybe…if the suit turns out amazing, I will paint the toes and side soles of my favorite black converse style hi tops.  Having some grip and/or powers would be cool.

photo (38).JPG


PROGRESS:  The suit turned out great!  I have hand washed this stuff before and does not bleed, so think we are good!   From left to right, this shows the original print, then dabbing with paint, then adding the puffy turquoise and the hot pink paint pen.

The face shell and handmade lenses did NOT work .  Wig it is for this weekend!




My customer sent me this comic cover image by Brian Bolland as inspiration for a new costume:

Poison Ivy Batman 15

She did want it with a little more coverage, boy shorts and shoes and accessories.

I started out with a basic sweetheart neckline corset pattern and extended it to the low hips.

MiaLa basic corset pattern

I used 2 layers of liner to make sure where I attached all the leaves to the outer layer would not be uncomfortable.  The outer layer was a viney printed green woven cotton.  I sewed boning in the seams of the liner, and at the back edges.  Next step was attaching ALL the leaves to the outer layer!  You can see here that the liner is not attached to the outer layer yet, but I have covered up to about an inch away from the edges of the outer layer in layers of leaves.  I started at the top and worked down. This took about 2 huge sprigs of leaves from Michael’s!  The ones that are poking out above the raw edge are loose, so I could stick them inside when I sewed it right sides together to the liner.   So, next step was to sew the outer to the liner, right sides together, along the side and upper edges (tucking the leaves inside as I went).  Leaving the bottom open was an easy way to get it turned right side out without crushing the leaves.

photo (28)

While working on this, I ordered from an awesome site called  They have 51? colors, I believe and make all kinds of tights, briefs, gloves, etc that match!  We ordered boy briefs, tights and opera gloves.

photo (29)

Next step was to topstitch the bottom edge of the corset and stitch on all the leaves around the edges and along the bottom.   I added grommets, privacy panel and matching ribbon and the top is done!!

I definitely multitask, so while I was waiting for the we love colors order and finishing the top, I started on the wire necklace.  This was twisted wire, rubber clay, paint and fabric flowers.

photo (34)

Once the accessories arrived, ( a perfect match), I cut the fingers off of the gloves (and secured seams), hemmed down to below the elbow, and added as many leaves as I could.  These are super stretchy, so the sewing of the leaves proved *challenging* (aka never gonna do THIS again).

After the chore of the gloves, I just had to sew leaves onto thick leather boots, (OMG and OUCH).   Here are a couple of shots of the whole costume minus the tights.  I wish you could see the hairpiece better.  I sewed leaves and white flowers onto twine and attached to a clip.  (Disregard the black wig… it was the best I had at the time).

photo (35)

And here is the pretty back, and a closer shot of the hairpiece and gloves(still doesn’t show much, sorry).


photo (31)

I hope to add some customer shots soon, if she is willing to share 🙂

Shadowcat custom made costume by MiaLa


Here is one of my favorite customers as Shadowcat and here is her link!

I can ONLY take credit for the briefs and shirt/sash on this costume.   She sourced/made the leggings, matching blue boots, gloves, mask, and necklace herself.   And the dragon.  Lockheed the alien dragon was custom made for her by her boyfriend ( I think!?!).

Since she is depicted in several variations of the costume, we just looked through and agreed on two that we liked the best and sort of combined them.

Above is one of the ones we liked, a piece by artist funrama on deviantart.

The shirt was just free draped on my mannequin in a dark slate blue satin.  The sleeves were long and ruched/gathered up the underarm seam.  The shirt had a side zip and slit with the sash attached at the bottom so that it went on like a wrap shirt.  The under collar of the shirt was actually turquoise and could be turned up as well.

Fun to see this all come together!


Just received this photo below of my customer in her Sally Jupiter costume.  Some comments she received at the convention were:

 “You have the best costume I’ve seen all weekend!” , “You are the best Sally Jupiter I’ve ever seen!”, and “Seeing you as Sally Jupiter is like how Homer looks when he sees donuts!” (that last one is my favorite).   Love it.

MiaLa Sally Jupiter Watchmen costume


I made the new version in September of 2011…it is chiffon and leather with little details like lace linings that really make it special.  Under the sheer dress I paired a strapless, backless bra with vintage looking low cut high waist briefs with sewn on garters.   The long glove does come with it, it is just not shown in the photos.

I LOVE this costume/character.  I had no idea of the Watchmen until I got a request last year in the midst of my Halloween hullaballoo.   Then of course, once I get a second, I get to research a bit.

This one is not as simple as it looks! (like her character)

I looked around online  and saw several “ok” versions of this, but I want to do it right!

I have made a prototype using satin and cordura, but know that the georgette or chiffon will be more accurate and the leather will be more realistic once I get the pattern down.

I use my mannequin for draping.  There is no commercial pattern out there that will help you here.


Here is my prototype:

I cannot wait to make this now with the right materials.

What I need:

1 yard yellow sheer georgette or chiffon

1/2 yard black leather

1 spool black ribbon

grommets  and setter


undercorset (make or buy> ?) with  briefs and garters?

buy garters?

buy fishnets and boots and gloves

make wristlet

Follow the best long hair no bang 40s tutorial at:

I had been wanting to do She-Ra FOREVER, and finally did in 2009.  This one used my basic Wonder Woman style bodice pattern with the corset laced back and an elastic waist skirt.  I cut all the adornments from gold and bronze leather by eye and they fit nicely with the hanging drape in the front.  I attached a gold necklace dangle pendant and sculpted the necklace out of Sculpy, and spray painted the boots (next time I will just buy gold boots, as the paint will crack after wearing!).  The hardest part was figuring out the feather headpiece, but it worked by sewing stuffed pieces onto the main headband.

Cost approximately 300$ depending on size and not including the boots.

Boots approximately $50

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