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This costume was designed and directed by a four year old pokemon fan.  She is also a big fan of purple and cats.

If you are not familiar with Pokemon, I will put a little description in the “misc” category.  Basically, the costumes and the word gijinka mean translating the actual animal character into a  human with a costume featuring their colors and power or specialty.  In Espeon’s case, she is a psychic purple cat, picked immediately by the little one, even though she is not yet playing the game.  A purple spinny dress, ears,  and the tail were the most desired factors, but the Asian style sleeves were an agreed upon detail.  We did some red accents instead of the third eye on her forehead and instead painted the psychic eye detail on the hanging sleeves.

She was in character and enjoyed this first cosplay to it’s fullest!

(oh, and enjoyed winning the costume contest for their category with her fellow pokemon as well!)

Shadowcat custom made costume by MiaLa


Here is one of my favorite customers as Shadowcat and here is her link!

I can ONLY take credit for the briefs and shirt/sash on this costume.   She sourced/made the leggings, matching blue boots, gloves, mask, and necklace herself.   And the dragon.  Lockheed the alien dragon was custom made for her by her boyfriend ( I think!?!).

Since she is depicted in several variations of the costume, we just looked through and agreed on two that we liked the best and sort of combined them.

Above is one of the ones we liked, a piece by artist funrama on deviantart.

The shirt was just free draped on my mannequin in a dark slate blue satin.  The sleeves were long and ruched/gathered up the underarm seam.  The shirt had a side zip and slit with the sash attached at the bottom so that it went on like a wrap shirt.  The under collar of the shirt was actually turquoise and could be turned up as well.

Fun to see this all come together!

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