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UPDATE 2013:  Here are some new pics of my Caprica Six Dress

I have now made many of these and am still constructing it the same way..custom..and by building out my mannequin to the customer specs!  These new pics are awesome.  Thanks to John Eaves for sharing his photo shoot!

Caprica six custom made costume



I had never seen Battlestar Galactica nor this Red Dress until I received a special request.  It is quite a show stopper!  Well…Six is…in it.  It was a challenge deciding how to create a dress with not much to it that would produce so much cleavage.  Until I find an easier way, these are custom patterned to fit each customer based on their best fitting push up strapless bra that they send me.  The bra is actually built into the dress and is the backbone that holds everything up and in place 🙂


I use a matte jersey with slight stretch and a bit of sheen.  This allows for a snug, but forgiving fit.  I depend on my two mannequins for all my patterning and the patterning actually takes about twice the time of the constructing!  Like the green fairy, there is lots of hand sewing involved and patience while working with stretch fabric.  I would like to try one in a thick lycra next….

Battlestar Galactica custom made costume from MiaLa

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