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pooh 2013

Always a fun production!!  Rose of Athens revisited Winnie the Pooh for the holidays in 2013 with their performance of “A Holiday Tail”.  Some of the previous costumes were still around, with some minor repairs and alterations needed, but I still had to make Tigger, Rabbit, and a few missing heads 🙂  Since I had patterned out the costumes before, and had an intern for this show, it was pretty easy.  The family and I even helped make a few of the 700 snowflakes that adorned the set!

pooh set

That’s me and my littlest on the front row, right.  The girls were more than willing to attend dress rehearsals and fittings with me for this show 🙂  Here is a mini piglet version I made for my now 9 year old back when I did Pooh the first time around…


I did the minimal costumes for this extraordinary show a few years ago.

It was a regency dress and suit, my first of this style.

Frankenstein 2011


Well, I agreed to sign on for this show knowing it was right around my due date.  Luckily, I got the bulk of everything done before the baby, and superstar costumer Jennie tied up the loose ends and carried the wardrobe through the week of shows.   I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and designing period 30’s pieces for them and took Amanda’s dinner dress back to a tea dress of the late 1910’s/20’s which she would have stashed away from her “entertaining” days…  I tried to re-style clothing as much as possible with only the pink Laura dinner dress having to be made from scratch, from my imagination, actually, as I could not find a pattern of what I was envisioning.

Laura dinner  dress

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