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Monthly Archives: October 2012

This was such a fun project, and one I even let the kids help with!

I started with a $9.95 vintage late 70s/early 80s polyester wedding dress.


Then, like with my starry starry night costume, I used whatever paint I had available to create a copy of Monet’s painting “Waterlillies”.  The one thing I did with this dress was purchase a spray paint fabric paint for the background color.  Since it was a polyester sheer material, it just made dots everywhere, so I had to blend that all in.  The portion with the bridge from the painting was featured on the back train.  It was a blast to wear this last Halloween and will be hard to top!

DIY Monet's Waterlillies Painted dress

DIY Monet's Waterlillies Painted dress

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