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Inspired by one of my favorite SNL skits with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell.  “More Cowbell.”  My partner in crime was the Reaper, taken from the title of the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  We had a blast and folks got the joke!



Girls were the “We Bare Bears” brothers and even managed to do the bear stack!


Unfortunately, I had just broken my jaw and had surgery to put in plates TWO days before DragonCon2015 began!  My face looks weird in all of these pictures, but at least I made it.  I also was on heavy duty painkillers and unable to eat anything except smoothies, so didn’t get to take very many pictures.

Thursday evening was the Replica Prop Forum annual meetup.  I wore my Hoth Leia with newly completed vest!

hoth vest

Friday, I wore the Warrior Wonder Woman from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman Movie.  Post here

Saturday, for the parade, it was my new Steampunk Wonder Woman costume.  This was also worn to the annual Wonder Woman photo shoot where George Perez (WW illustrator) usually participates! We got to chat a little bit, but I don’t remember saying much ;0

Sunday, I had planned to wear Bandit Snow White from Once Upon a Time, but was worn out and went home.  I am saving this for a cooler weather event.

photo (1)

Finally, Monday, I just took my older daughter and wore street clothes.  I was lucky enough to have had my Astharoshe Asran costume featured on display for the costuming track, so also had to pick that back up.  I can’t believe I actually made it through four days!

The girls wore a little mini Starfire from Teen Titans Go!  and a TARDIS / Dr. Who themed outfit.  They don’t do very well waiting in all the lines, but had a blast!

Girls Dcon 2015

Till next year!

Earlier in 2013, I was approached to see if I could recreate a picture in a magazine as a wedding dress.


I said I would try 🙂

Here is the best picture I got of it (shown without the sash) before it went off to the wedding.

Custom Design Lace Wedding Dress by MiaLa

 I used two separate patterns.  One was a princess line formal that I chopped at the waist.  The skirt I changed from the very full one of the original pattern and actually used the pattern I use for my Princess Amidala skirt with the mermaid fishtail additions taken off.  The bottom layer was ivory bridal satin, plus an ivory liner with a floral lace overlay.  I used the scalloped edges of the lace to make the top “straps.  They met in the back in a deep v and the raw edge at the arms was trimmed in a narrow strip of the other edge of the scalloping.  She was planning to wear little red flats with it.  I can’t wait to see some pics of the special day 🙂

And Finally, some wedding shots!  She looks amazing 🙂

tessafront tessa

This was such a fun project, and one I even let the kids help with!

I started with a $9.95 vintage late 70s/early 80s polyester wedding dress.


Then, like with my starry starry night costume, I used whatever paint I had available to create a copy of Monet’s painting “Waterlillies”.  The one thing I did with this dress was purchase a spray paint fabric paint for the background color.  Since it was a polyester sheer material, it just made dots everywhere, so I had to blend that all in.  The portion with the bridge from the painting was featured on the back train.  It was a blast to wear this last Halloween and will be hard to top!

DIY Monet's Waterlillies Painted dress

DIY Monet's Waterlillies Painted dress

I was contacted by a local app designer to create a costume for their star chef “Kitty” to be used in their app that helps men “cook to score”.   I proposed the gingham corset and skirt with mini apron and here it is!  To see video of the costume (and Kitty) in action, click here…

This beautiful set is made using vintage LOOKING champagne satin material, almost like a shantung silk and appliqued with an antique victorian lace piece.  Steel boned and lined.  The skirt is tiers of matching satin with elstic waist.  On Etsy right now.

Made in a supposed 5t size, WAY too big for my little one, so it is going on sale in the Etsy shop.  Really runs about a size girls 6-7.  I put in a tie at the back and an extra privacy panel at the low chest which is removable.  Slate cornflower-ish blue brocade with gorgeous champagne skirt and slate blue overlay.  Gold trim.

I believe this is gonna be one of my favorite creations this year!  I have a small collection of vintage lingere and laces and this is made with the most scrumptious peach silk and hand tatted lace.  I had made the corset using a thick white brocade lining for stability, then transformed it into this Marie Antoinette style costume.  I added accents of black satin, made a matching 3 tiered bustl-y skirt, tie on mask, neck ruffle and SPATS!  All with matching antique lace from the 20s/30s.  Each layer of the gathered ruffles on the skirt is bound in peach andpink binding, because if you flounce, it shows :).  I made a pattern for the spats and will try to upload that eventually.

starry_touchingstarryThis was actually copied from the starry night painting!  I made the bustier top and cut a large circle skirt for the bottom.  I painted the skirt before assembling and the top after assembling.   It is made of a light blue satin and painted with mostly fabric paints and puffy paints and some acrylic paints where I ran out ….It is painted front and back.  On the exact sides of the circle skirt, I attached rectangle panels that go upwards and comnplete more of the painting.   At the top of the rectangles, I attached brown gloves so that when you raise your arms, the whole painting is displayed!  I wore this for Halloween in 2008 and now it is for rental in our shop.  Everyone got the painting part, but the whole Idea was that I WAS a painting.  Brown tights and boots, paired with the brown gloves and a brown hat with a little picture hanger attached to it made the “frame” for the dress.  That went over most folks heads, so for the rental, its just the dress.

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