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Just received this photo below of my customer in her Sally Jupiter costume.  Some comments she received at the convention were:

 “You have the best costume I’ve seen all weekend!” , “You are the best Sally Jupiter I’ve ever seen!”, and “Seeing you as Sally Jupiter is like how Homer looks when he sees donuts!” (that last one is my favorite).   Love it.

MiaLa Sally Jupiter Watchmen costume


I made the new version in September of 2011…it is chiffon and leather with little details like lace linings that really make it special.  Under the sheer dress I paired a strapless, backless bra with vintage looking low cut high waist briefs with sewn on garters.   The long glove does come with it, it is just not shown in the photos.

I LOVE this costume/character.  I had no idea of the Watchmen until I got a request last year in the midst of my Halloween hullaballoo.   Then of course, once I get a second, I get to research a bit.

This one is not as simple as it looks! (like her character)

I looked around online  and saw several “ok” versions of this, but I want to do it right!

I have made a prototype using satin and cordura, but know that the georgette or chiffon will be more accurate and the leather will be more realistic once I get the pattern down.

I use my mannequin for draping.  There is no commercial pattern out there that will help you here.


Here is my prototype:

I cannot wait to make this now with the right materials.

What I need:

1 yard yellow sheer georgette or chiffon

1/2 yard black leather

1 spool black ribbon

grommets  and setter


undercorset (make or buy> ?) with  briefs and garters?

buy garters?

buy fishnets and boots and gloves

make wristlet

Follow the best long hair no bang 40s tutorial at:

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