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I am so excited to finally have all of my costuming ideas and progress in one place!  I will hopefully be archiving my past creations slowly as well as keeping up with all my new designs as they come along.  I work with my local theater, Rose of Athens, as well as have an online store, ebay, etsy, and a retail shop!   I inted this blog to be a how-to as well as a showcase for all the amazing designs my customers and I come up with…

As for the personal stuff, I am in my thirties, a mom, a costumer, and a store owner.  I learned to sew from my grandmother when I was 15 and grew up in my parents antique store.  I have an appreciation for historical fashion, a slight interest in modern high fashion, a love of sci-fi and fantasy, and a slight obsession with corsets and antique lingerie.

Since most of my costumes are inteded for sale, I use only quality materials and try to produce heirloom creations that will last a lifetime.  I often make costumes for myself or just for fun as well, including a growing collection of  rentals for the retail shop.

I look forward to getting started here and do welcome your comments and questions!

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