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Satin lined bomber style jacket with black accents and rocking scorpion applique.  This is a size Medium and is available for sale, just message me to inquire!
Scorpion jacket from Drive custom recreation


Here is the original:



Based on the Johnny Depp character from Tim Burton’s 2010 movie…in a female version!

Shown on without the tights and makeup that came with it.

On ebay currently (October 2010) and if it does not sell, it will be mine 🙂

This can be custom recreated in any color scheme.  Shown with rust high collar cutaway jacket, reversible teal, blue and gold corset, gold stripe skirt, teased wig, mini matching tophat, scarf, and thread belt.

Adjustable size small to medium.  Max 36 inch bust.

This was a custom request from a gal who also ordered the Wonder Woman and wanted a slightly sexier, prettier version of Supergirl as well.  Normally she wears just a blue leotard, so we decided to pump it up with a corset and cool belt.  I love how this turned out and will probably be adding it to my regular costumes for sale next year!  It is all satin, with the top fully lined and boned.  A leather collared cape is bound in gold ribbon and snaps on.  It has an attached belt and laces up the back.   Also comes with superhero fingerless gloves! (below).  I will add some more photos when I get them from the customer!  If you are interested in purchasing this costume, please email me at at gmail dot com for a custom quote.

I believe this is gonna be one of my favorite creations this year!  I have a small collection of vintage lingere and laces and this is made with the most scrumptious peach silk and hand tatted lace.  I had made the corset using a thick white brocade lining for stability, then transformed it into this Marie Antoinette style costume.  I added accents of black satin, made a matching 3 tiered bustl-y skirt, tie on mask, neck ruffle and SPATS!  All with matching antique lace from the 20s/30s.  Each layer of the gathered ruffles on the skirt is bound in peach andpink binding, because if you flounce, it shows :).  I made a pattern for the spats and will try to upload that eventually.

I had been wanting to do She-Ra FOREVER, and finally did in 2009.  This one used my basic Wonder Woman style bodice pattern with the corset laced back and an elastic waist skirt.  I cut all the adornments from gold and bronze leather by eye and they fit nicely with the hanging drape in the front.  I attached a gold necklace dangle pendant and sculpted the necklace out of Sculpy, and spray painted the boots (next time I will just buy gold boots, as the paint will crack after wearing!).  The hardest part was figuring out the feather headpiece, but it worked by sewing stuffed pieces onto the main headband.

Cost approximately 300$ depending on size and not including the boots.

Boots approximately $50

I  had been wanting to make one of these since initial photos of the movie came out.  I was following a wonderful blog which has great in depth accurate descriptions and tips on a real recreation!  Check it out:HERE

I spent way too much time researching and thought I would keep up with her progress, but it is now almost my busy Halloween season, so I decided just to whip up one in my daughter’s size and move on.  It turned out pretty good..a little big on her, but adjustable in the back via corset style lacing.  I used satin and organza and even added the striped petticoat underneath.  The pattern on the bottom is drawn on with fabric marker.

Here is a photo which shows the back laces of the bodice and the petticoat.

I had this pretty peach vintage prom dress for years and kept trying to make it work for a theater show or …something…until I realized what it was born to become!  I did not do much to it except for puff out the sleeves, add neck scallops,  and add the hot pink sash and bottom tier.  I will probably be putting it up for sale Halloween 2010 unless I decide to keep it for myself 🙂

Princess peach

Halloween Cosplay custom made Princess Peach Costume

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